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Sound’s Brave New World: Waves Audio Showcases Smart New Technologies for Consumer Electronics at International CES 2015

Expectations for high-performing sound on consumer electronics have never been higher, despite the trend toward smaller and slimmer designs, causing growing challenges to manufacturers and industrial designers alike. Waves Audio, through its Maxx® Technologies comprehensive suite of innovative audio technologies, is helping leading OEMs to rise above these current and future challenges, to give end users a superior sound experiences whether at home, at work or on the go. With continued development in smart audio technology which senses content, device and the environment, Waves Maxx Technologies make decisions in real time for how to best deliver a superior audio experience while playing a game, listening to music, holding a video call or communicating with a device via an ASR engine.

The recipient of a Technical GRAMMY® Award and the top Audio DSP technologies developer for the professional audio, broadcast and consumer electronics industries, Waves will demonstrate its technologies in a hospitality suite at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino (formerly the LVH Las Vegas Hotel & Casino) during the 2015 International CES conference, January 6-9, 2015.

Utilizing the same Waves processors heard on hit records, major motion pictures and top-selling video games, as well as innovative developments in professional audio solutions, the Maxx suite offers the widest technology portfolio by far in the consumer industry. From multiband equalization and psychoacoustic bass enhancement to beam forming technology and sophisticated noise reduction, devices powered by Maxx Technologies deliver bigger, better clear and immersive soundscapes on any consumer device. Some of the top brands in consumer electronics now carry Maxx Technologies, including Dell, OnePlus, Oppo, Denon, Lenovo mobile, LG and more.

Sensible Audio: Smart Sound for Consumers

Consumers interact with their devices in more ways than ever before, expecting them to do everything from infotainment, hosting conference calls at work and recording family milestones and posting them online. All of these behaviors involve sound – sound that needs to be optimized for the way people really live in an already noisy, ever-changing world.

Enter Sensible Audio by Maxx Technologies, an adaptive audio conditioning technology that listens to your content before you do, then customizes the output in real time before it reaches your ears. By analyzing audio content automatically and minimizing the need for adjustments, Sensible Audio allows users to move seamlessly between VoIP, video games, online streaming, prerecorded music and more.

“This is where the world of sound is going – people need and expect their devices to keep up with their busy, changing lives, and Maxx technologies make sure that happens,” says Jack Joseph Puig, a multi-platinum GRAMMY® Award-winning record producer/mixer and Director of Creative Innovation for the Waves Consumer Division. “It’s not about ‘presets’ anymore – the future is about anticipating the many ways people will interact with their devices, and  Waves is delivering sensible technologies that work with people’s devices and environment to deliver a superior sonic experience in real time.”

This year, Waves will be introducing the next generation of its MaxxAudio® and MaxxVoice™ technologies and will highlight the following:

  • MaxxNR™: State-of-the-art noise reduction that adapts to and eliminates the ambient noises found on user-generated content such as homemade videos and common during VoIP communication. Waves is taking its noise reduction technologies one step further to also improve audio playback on the billions of videos posted online that start out life with inferior sound.
  • DeKey: Keyboard noise attenuation that harnesses the power of Waves’ award-winning processors to analyze and eliminate the annoying clicking sound heard over a PC while typing during communications.
  • MaxxSpeech: A suite of advanced technologies that improve the performance of Automatic Speech Recognition engines, for reduced error rate and improved command acceptance rate.
  • Bandwidth Extension: Sophisticated frequency restoration that regenerates content lost during the process of compression. Bandwidth Extension technology compensates for the loss of clarity, fidelity and intelligibility in lossy and compressed data, from media streamed on the Internet to MP3 files, VoIP applications, digital television and satellite radio.

About MAXX® Technologies by Waves

Maxx by Waves is revolutionizing sound performance on PCs, TVs, speakers, tablets and mobile devices the world over. By implementing professional-grade audio digital signal processing (DSP) technologies on a broad range of devices, Waves is putting professional, studio-quality processors directly into the hands of users and setting new sonic standards. The world’s leading developer of audio DSP technologies for the music, movies, games, broadcast and electronics industries and a recipient of a Technical GRAMMY® Award, Waves is the one-stop solution for OEMs, offering an extensive portfolio of innovative sound design technologies to address all the audio challenges of the consumer market.

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