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Waves Announces Its Next Generation of Audio Technology for Mobile: MaxxAudio® Mobile 2.0

Waves’ Increasingly Popular Sound Engine Is Now Improving Sound in Over 100 Million Devices Worldwide

Waves, the world’s leading developer of audio DSP technologies for the professional, broadcast, and consumer electronics markets, is announcing the launch of MaxxAudio Mobile 2.0, a suite of psychoacoustic sound enhancement technologies available to OEMs starting today. The company and its executives will be at the upcoming Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, March 2-5, 2015, meeting with OEMs and available upon request for live demonstrations of the new MaxxAudio mobile sound engine.

MaxxAudio Mobile 2.0 enables the reproduction of deeper bass, clearer highs, louder volume levels and immersive sound performance previously unobtainable on most mobile phones, tablets, headphones and Bluetooth devices. With MaxxAudio Mobile, consumers can expect on their devices the same attention to audio detail and the same clearly defined listening experience that have won Waves Audio a Technical GRAMMY® Award and made the company a leading name in professional recording and broadcast studios, in the live sound sector, and in the ever-growing home/project studio market.

“Now that Waves has redefined the professional recording industry and set new standards for sound creation, we are bringing forward the company’s culture of innovation and passion to re-define audio experiences on Mobile devices,” says Tomer Elbaz, Executive Vice President of the Consumer Electronics Division at Waves Audio. “With MaxxAudio technologies we are overcoming hardware, content and environment challenges in order to raise the bar and offer new audio experiences on mobile devices.”

MaxxAudio Mobile 2.0 improves on the earlier version by automatically adjusting output based on three key listening factors: content, device and environment. For example, when a user is listening to compressed audio (such as streaming music, MP3 files, VoIP applications, digital television or satellite radio), MaxxAudio applies a sophisticated frequency restoration algorithm that regenerates the content, clarity and fidelity lost in compression. MaxxAudio can also detect significant background noise on content such as user-generated YouTube videos, and apply noise reduction on the output end to make the sound clearer. MaxxAudio can also be tuned in a bespoke manner to each device, making the sound you get from small smartphone speaker feel richer and more robust. In addition, MaxxAudio includes a headphone sound expansion algorithm, giving headset listeners a more immersive listening experience. Finally, later versions of MaxxAudio Mobile 2.0 Waves will also have environment-driven features that address sudden increases in room sound and more real-life use cases of sound consumption.

Waves Audio’s increasingly popular technology is now included in over 100 million devices worldwide. In 2014, devices with MaxxAudio technology included Dell’s Venue tablet, Asus tablets and PadFones, various Lenovo Mobile designs, Oppo’s Find 7 and N3, and the recent acclaimed addition to the popular OnePlus One phone.

About MAXX® Technologies by Waves

Maxx by Waves is revolutionizing sound performance on PCs, TVs, speakers, tablets and mobile devices the world over. By implementing professional-grade audio digital signal processing (DSP) technologies on a broad range of devices, Waves is putting professional, studio-quality processors directly into the hands of users and setting new sonic standards. Waves is the world’s leading developer of audio DSP Technologies for the music, movies, games, broadcast and electronics industries and a recipient of a Technical GRAMMY® Award. Waves is also the one-stop-solution for top OEMs, including Dell, Asus, LG, Lenovo, Oppo, OnePlus, Denon and more, offering an extensive portfolio of innovative sound design technologies to address all the audio challenges of the consumer market.

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