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Waves Nx

Waves Nx - Virtual Reality Audio

The ultimate goal of technology is to disappear, to recreate the real world without being noticed, to immerse you until there’s nothing left but you and your experience. Just as virtual reality (VR) makes us feel like we are visually in a 3D environment, Waves Nx immerses you into a virtual reality audio environment indistinguishable from being in a movie theatre, concert, studio, game, or anywhere you like to listen.


The perception of spatial sound in the real world combines the interactions between sound waves and the environment, our ears, our auditory nerves, and finally our brain’s cognition of an acoustic space. All of these complexities are lost when content is reproduced using headphones. Headphones pipe sound directly into each ear, eliminating all of these crucial interactions. Similar to having visual images fixed to your eyeglasses that remain unchanged no matter where you look, not only is sound unrealistic with headphones, it impairs our brain’s ability to extrapolate a spatial image based on the natural movements we use to listen. Waves Nx precisely emulates the acoustic relationship between your natural movements, an acoustic space, and the physical properties of a sound source to create a fully authentic 3D audio experience that immerses you into a virtual reality audio environment. Fundamentally, it makes sound feel real.


Even the slightest nudge to our head causes audio in the real world to shift in the opposite direction. Our brain, being highly sensitive to change, remembers where sounds used to be and where they are now relative to our new position. Not only do we listen with movement, but we remember where sounds come from based on our movements. Our combined sense of movement and how it affects sound allows our minds to reward us with an acoustic map of the world around us. Tracking movements is essential in emulating an authentic 3D listening experience.

Webcam-Based Head Tracking

Waves Nx uses face detection algorithms that utilize the image from any user-facing camera to track the user’s head orientation and then adjusts the soundscape accordingly. This mode is suitable for laptops and other devices that incorporate a user-facing camera.

End User Benefits

  • With Waves Nx any pair of headphones deliver the same listening experience as a top-end surround sound speaker systems.
  • Allows 7.1 and 5.1 streaming over regular stereo headphones to enjoy fully immersive surround sound anywhere.
  • Games, movies, concerts, and music all sound more authentic with Waves Nx. Experience all of your favorite content the way it was meant to be heard.
  • Through the comfort of realistic listening, Waves Nx reduces fatigue caused by listening through regular headphones over extended periods of time.
  • Waves Nx delivers true virtual reality audio and 3D immersion never experienced before.

For Augmented and Virtual Reality

Sites and sounds are meant to align as they do in the real world. Our brains starve for this alliance. Waves Nx takes the VR experience to the next level with fully realistic VR sound that makes a virtual world come to life.

For Gaming

Give your end users the ability to physically listen to and not just see the exact location of all the elements within a game like a monster creeping out of closet, an armed enemy sneaking around a barricade, a racecar revving to pass you on the inside track. Waves Nx makes you feel like you’re in the game while giving you an edge over your competition.

For Movies

Waves Nx turns any headphones into a top-quality movie theatre surround sound system. Now your headphones put you in the best seat in the theatre no matter where you are.

For Music

Waves Nx makes music sound the way it was intended to be heard as if you’re sharing the room with your favorite artist. Every sonic detail and emotion comes alive when you’re immersed into the 3D recording studio or concert hall your favorite artist performed in.

For Voice Communication and Conferencing

Waves Nx allows you to focus on conversations in a virtual 3D environment the same way you would in a meeting room. When one or multiple people are speaking you make intentional and unconscious head movements to better understand them. Waves NX tracks those movements to emulate the natural way you listen to improve intelligibility. When your colleagues sound and feel like they’re in the room with you, you can focus on getting the job done.


  • 3D & Surround Embedded Headphones
  • Personal Computers
  • Mobile Devices
  • Gaming
  • HMD


PDF Downloads

» Introduction to WAVES Nx 

» Introduction to WNX7000

» WAVES Nx player

From Their Ears to Yours

Jack Joseph Puig, eleven-time GRAMMY® award-winning producer/engineer (Lady Gaga, U2 and many others), realized that the sound he creates—using cutting-edge processors in a world-class studio, and drawing on his years of experience—often ends up on a smartphone with small, tinny speakers, or through inexpensive headphones. Listeners weren’t hearing the music at its best, so he decided to do something about it. He joined forces with Waves Audio to bring studio sound to listeners everywhere. Now, with MaxxAudio, the magic of the recording studio can be experienced on personal consumer devices.