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MaxxBass uses the science of psychoacoustics to deliver deep thundering lows you can really feel. Whether you’re listening on your laptop, personal device or a TV, MaxxBass delivers the low frequency impact that makes music and movies come alive. MaxxBass acts as a virtual subwoofer, enabling manufacturers to create devices with ever-smaller speaker components, while not only maintaining but extending bass performance. Additionally, MaxxBass for consumer electronics features parallel processes that work in tandem, delivering more low frequency detail with less low-midrange noise for pleasant bass you can feel that continuously adjusts to the capabilities of the devices output.


With years of experience delivering impactful articulate bass for music production, mixing, mastering and live sound using our patented “Missing Fundamental” technology, Waves is the undisputed leader in psychoacoustic bass enhancement. MaxxBass low frequency extension algorithm offers the same precision as Waves famed professional version, so developers can create presets perfectly suited for their products and their end-users’ needs. The market demands more bass and MaxxBass delivers it.