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Whether today’s top engineers are creating sound for films, music or games, they strive to arouse emotions and deliver an experience that transcends the limits of technology. Creating rich soundscapes that combine power and detail requires studios with specialized tools that engineers have relied on Waves to develop for over 25 years.

However, a song, movie or game can only sound as good as the device it's played on. Today, more and more people listen to content on laptops, tablets, smart speakers, and smartphones. Engineers, producers, and artists are discovering that what people experience on their personal devices is far from how it sounds in the studio.

Waves MaxxAudio is a suite of intelligent audio enhancement tools that deliver award-winning studio-quality audio technologies to consumer electronics devices. MaxxAudio offers end-users unparalleled sound performance, for games, movies, music or online voice communication. With clearer highs, enhanced bass, and increased volume, MaxxAudio provides a better listening experience on any device, whether it's a desktop, laptop, smart speaker, TV, soundbar, smartphone or tablet. Now, what sounded great in the studio will sound great at home or on the go.

MaxxAudio is also a powerful design tool that gives manufacturers the ability to get bigger sound from smaller components. Audio performance is a major selling point today. MaxxAudio gives you the edge by maxing out your products’ sonic potential.

The MaxxAudio suite includes:

MaxxEQ™ Full Spectrum Equalization

MaxxEQ is an easy to use full spectrum 10-band graphic equalizer perfect for customizing your sound for streaming media, movies, music, and games. Inspired by Waves pro audio Renaissance EQ and Waves Q10 (a TEC Hall of Fame inductee), MaxxEQ gives you the power to design EQ curves and shape frequency responses with accuracy and ease. Just like its professional counterparts, MaxxEQ's intuitive paragraphic user interface makes click-and-drag adjustments quick and easy for manufacturers and end-users alike.

MaxxBass® Intelligent Bass Enhancement

MaxxBass uses the science of psychoacoustics to deliver deep thundering lows you can really feel. Whether you're listening on your laptop, personal device or a TV, MaxxBass delivers the low frequency impact that makes music and movies come alive. MaxxBass acts as a virtual subwoofer, enabling manufacturers to create devices with ever-smaller speaker components, while not only maintaining but extending bass performance. Additionally, MaxxBass for consumer electronics features parallel processes that work in tandem, delivering more low frequency detail with less low-midrange noise for pleasant bass you can feel that continuously adjusts to the capabilities of the devices output.


With years of experience delivering impactful articulate bass for music production, mixing, mastering and live sound using our patented "Missing Fundamental" technology, Waves is the undisputed leader in psychoacoustic bass enhancement. MaxxBass low frequency extension algorithm offers the same precision as Waves famed professional version, so developers can create presets perfectly suited for their products and their end-users' needs. The market demands more bass and MaxxBass delivers it.

MaxxTreble Crystal-Clear High Frequencies

MaxxTreble lets you hear high-frequency nuances in your music and movies with breathtaking detail and unparalleled clarity. Small speaker systems, especially those without separate tweeters, lack high frequency detail resulting in a lackluster muddy sound. In addition, other irritating mid-high frequencies are boosted to over-compensate for the missing highs. MaxxTreble delivers crystal clear high-end while maintaining balanced midrange and bass.

Based on the acclaimed professional Waves C1 Compressor/Expander, MaxxTreble applies a powerful customizable combination of equalization and parallel high-level compression to any selected frequency range between 500 Hz and 20 kHz. The end result is a crystal clear sound experience that adds shimmer and realism with increased RMS levels so you don't exceed your systems ceiling.

MaxxStereo Stereo Image Expansion

MaxxStereo, inspired by Waves S1 Stereo Imager professional audio plugin, compensates for the physical limitations created by small speakers located in close proximity to one another. When listening to music or movies on a laptop or TV, there's simply not enough physical space to accommodate the stereo content emanating from two small speakers with minimal separation. MaxxStereo uses intelligent spatial imaging techniques to enhance stereo separation, widening the stereo field to provide an immersive enveloping experience so any device sounds much larger than it is. MaxxStereo also extends stereo content without affecting the integrity of center content like dialog. With MaxxStereo, the best seat in the house is right in front of your personal device or TV.


MaxxDialog Intelligent Dialog Booster

MaxxDialog identifies "center” (dialog) information and allows the end user to adjust its level independently, resulting in clear dialog that doesn't vanish behind loud music and effects. Many movies on television and DVD are distributed without consideration for the limited dynamic range of home equipment. Movies mixed for theatres are optimized for a playback level of 85 dB, which is much louder than most consumer listening environments. Normal home playback levels often result in dialogue that is too quiet, while music and sound effects are annoyingly loud.


MaxxDialog lets you adjust dialog levels in movies and games, relative to the music, backgrounds and special effects, so you can bring the dialog up front and center where it belongs. Based on Waves Center pro audio plug-in used by top audio engineers around the world to zero-in on a song's phantom center to raise or lower vocals without affecting the rest of a mix, MaxxDialog offers developers a similar but simplified interface that facilitates integration into consumer electronic devices. With MaxxDialog’s patented center channel detection, it's easy to provide end users with loud, clear, and intelligible dialog in home listening environments and on personal devices.

MaxxVolume® Intelligent Volume Enhancer

MaxxVolume delivers maximum volume levels and clarity without distortion for TV, movies, music, games, and online communications. Using acoustic modeling, MaxxVolume calculates not only the signal being fed to your speakers, but the relative volume heard by the listener. In addition, MaxxVolume automatically protects your system, so you can "crank it up" without the risk of speaker damage.

MaxxVolume uses a powerful combination of high-level compression to increase RMS levels, low-level compression to increase the clarity of soft sounds, and noise gating to eliminate background sounds for sound clarity and definition at any volume level. Finally, with expert presets designed by top sound engineers as well as customizable parameters, MaxxVolume can even be used to implement intelligent manufacturer-defined ear protection mechanisms.


MaxxLeveler Intelligent Volume Stabilizer

MaxxLeveler eliminates the need to continuously adjust your volume by automatically maintaining comfortable listening levels for streaming media, music, movies and more. MaxxLeveler evens out volume differences between different sources so you can fully experience soft scenes and loud action sequences without having to reach for the remote. MaxxLeveler uses two pre-programmed listening modes- Normal, with a wide dynamic range for everyday listening, and Midnight, ideal for those times when you don't want to disturb others. Feel free to sit back, relax, and flip between channels, media sources, and streaming applications without riding the volume.


MaxxMultiband™ Multiband Compression & EQ

MaxxMultiband features dynamic compression and equalization to intelligently boost the audio performance of any device while eliminating noisy resonance. MaxxMultiband divides audio content into several individual frequencies and then applies a powerful combination of compression, equalization, and automatic gain compensation to maximize the volume, bass, and overall sound quality of your device while eliminating unwanted noises like buzzing and rattling normally caused by uncontrolled frequencies.

MaxxSense™ Intelligent Audio Conditioning

MaxxSense senses your content before you do and then customizes the output for maximum audio performance in real-time before it reaches your ears. By analyzing audio content automatically, MaxxSense allows you to move seamlessly between movies, VoIP, video games, online streaming, music, and more without have to make adjustments to your sound. Its integrated “Noise Rider” function analyzes the listening environment using your device's microphones adjusting its output performance without abrupt volume changes or pauses. MaxxSense intelligently ensures all your content sounds as good as possible with zero fuss.

MaxxSurround Multi-Channel Immersion

MaxxSurround delivers enhanced 7.1 and 5.1 audio imaging from surround sound sources, creating an immersive multi-dimensional soundscape with breathtaking depth, realism, and separation well beyond the original surround content. When leading audio engineers mix movies for multi-channel theaters and home entertainment systems, they turn to Waves 360° Surround Tools suite of pro audio plugins. MaxxSurround draws on these very same technologies to enlarge the soundstage for maximized dynamic response and expanded spatial imaging from any surround signal. With MaxxSurround you won't just be watching a movie, you'll be in the middle of it.

MaxxSurround Stereo-to-Surround Transformation

Maxx360° turns any stereo content into an enveloping 7.1 or 5.1 surround sound experience using advanced center and rear channel extraction processing and low frequency (LFE) channel enrichment to identify and separate signal channels. Based on the UM225/226 professional audio plugin by Waves, Maxx360° automatically analyzes audio content, intelligently extracting each audio element and positioning it within a surround soundscape. Maxx360° also maintains the character of the original mix, retaining absolute and relative levels and positions in space, including the center channel for dialog clarity and intelligibility, while still bringing out and enhancing the impact and excitement of low frequency special effects like explosions, earthquakes, and street rumble. With Maxx360° you can fire up any stereo movie and experience it in surround sound glory.

MaxxNR™ Intelligent Noise Reduction

MaxxNR eliminates background noise for online communications and user-generated content like homemade videos. By automatically analyzing the input signal, MaxxNR determines which frequency ranges contain undesirable background noise and effectively reduces ambient and environmental irritants. Based on Waves WNS Noise Suppressor plugin engineered for professional audio post production facilities, MaxxNR uses adaptive multi-band dynamics with zero latency or phase distortion, which results in a transparent natural sound without annoying background noise.

Bandwidth Extension Cutting-Edge Frequency Revival

Waves' Bandwidth Extension Technology compensates for lower resolution encoding on compressed audio signals, restoring lost frequencies to provide a fuller spectrum output more closely resembling the original uncompressed signal. Waves' Bandwidth Extension revives lost high frequencies by generating higher order harmonics from existing frequencies. Streamed content, mp3s, VoIP, and most phone networks transmit band-limited or compressed audio signals with reduced clarity and intelligibility. Bandwidth extension synthesizes and expands these narrowband signals, improving audio performance by simulating the sound quality of higher quality sample rates. Whether your limited by data or signal quality, you don’t have to limit your sound quality.

From Their Ears to Yours

Jack Joseph Puig, eleven-time GRAMMY® award-winning producer/engineer (Lady Gaga, U2 and many others), realized that the sound he creates - using cutting-edge processors in a world-class studio, and drawing on his years of experience - often ends up on a smartphone with small, tinny speakers, or through inexpensive headphones. Listeners weren’t hearing the music at its best, so he decided to do something about it. He joined forces with Waves Audio to bring studio sound to listeners everywhere. With MaxxAudio, listeners can experience the magic felt by artists in the recording studio – from their ears to yours.


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