MaxxVoice Experiences

  • Intelligent Voice

    Intelligent Voice

    Automatic Workspace Noise Reduction
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    Machine learning powered voice detection ensures that background noises are blocked before interrupting other callers.


    • Neural Noise Removal – neural network based solution that goes above and beyond noise suppression by completely removing interruptive background noise
    • Neural Voice Activity Detection – Detecting voice activity using a neural network.
    • Noise Guard – Neural network driven sound muting that softens common background noises during pauses in voice input, all while maintaining continuity with low-level comfort noise.
    • MaxxBeam – Uses multiple microphone arrays and automatic steering to determine voice direction and reduce signals that are outside of the beam.
    • Static NR – Employs automatic frequency and background noise floor analysis to reduce persistent noise sources such as ventilation.
    • MaxxNR – Works after Static NR to identify frequency ranges containing undesirable background noise, then reduces noise while preserving voice quality.
    • MaxxEC + Double Talk Detector – Two step echo cancellation that prevents the far-end voice from being picked up by the near-end microphones.
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  • Close-Up Voice

    Close-Up Voice

    Self-Optimized Playback

    Uniquely developed from waves award-winning studio technologies, the proximity mic processing chain delivers a close-up mic effect by employing adaptive audio intelligence even while the user maintains a comfortable distance from the laptop. Proximity mic provides the warmth of broadcast quality sound for conference calls.


    • Adaptive Beam – Multi-microphone beamforming that adapts to voice direction-of-arrival to provide improved signal-to-noise ratio
    • Auto EQ – An adaptive EQ designed to shape the end-user voice to an optimized profile
    • Loudness Compensation – Adjusts the spectral balance of the voice to compensate for frequency variations at lower voice input levels
    • DeReverb – Reduces distance-revealing early reflections from the signal
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