MaxxAudio Experiences

  • Intelligent Audio

    Intelligent Audio

    Maximized Output Performance
    Waves Consumer Electronics PDR Perceptual Distortion Reduction MaxxAudio

    Adaptive and perceptual audio technologies that animate continuous, real-time content enhancement for an optimal listening experience.


    • MaxxBass — Psychoacoustics that extends bass response beyond the physical capabilities of the loudspeakers.
    • MaxxStereo — Spatial imaging technology that manipulates phase to increase perceived stereo separation while maintaining natural sound quality.
    • Perceptual Distortion Reduction — Content-adaptive compression that produces exceptionally well-balanced, consistently louder, distortion-free output.
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  • Responsive Tuning

    Responsive Tuning

    Auto-Optimized Playback

    Workspaces and play spaces need systems that can self-optimize performance without the need IT team resources or manual settings adjustments. Responsive Tuning provides an optimization solution that uses sensor hub data to adjust settings on-the-fly and dynamic processing to even-out audio playback.


    • Adaptive Tuning Optimization – Automated, continuous parameter changes that deliver optimized sound quality at every volume level.
    • MaxxVolume — Smooths soft-loud variation and maximizes voice output levels in real-time with no distortion.
    • MaxxMultiband — A dynamic equalizer that provides even voice tonality by controlling unwanted peaks and dips across the voice frequency spectrum.
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