Product Lines

  • MaxxAudio


    Richer. Deeper. Louder.

    A suite of powerful, studio-quality audio processing technologies that transform the sound of speakers.

    • Psychoacoustic bass 
    • Content adaptive compression  
    • Up to 30 bands of equalization plus 8 bands of dynamic equalization 
    • 3x more stereo separation  
    • Adaptive tuning linked to system volume
    MaxxAudio Experiences
  • MaxxVoice


    Pure Voice. Clear Speech.

    Algorithms purpose-built to optimize microphones for clear conferencing and seamless speech recognition​.

    • Multi-module noise reduction chain
    • Full-duplex echo cancellation
    • Distortion-free gain increase and automatic gain controls
    • Far-field voice pick-up
    • Adaptive microphone proximity effect
    MaxxVoice Experiences
  • Nx® 3D Audio

    Nx® 3D Audio

    Virtual 3D Acoustics

    Originally developed for sound engineers to maintain a studio-like acoustic environment over headphones, Nx delivers a uniquely clear, expansive 3D listening experience.
    Now available for headphones, loudspeakers, earbuds.

    • Binaural psychoacoustics
    • Customizable hearing filters
    • Precision localization with headtracking
    • For any stereo or surround content
    • Transparent studio-quality processing
    Nx Experiences


  • MaxxAudio Mobile

    Sound Maximized

    A specialized feature set designed to bring big, wide, clear sound to Android devices.

    • Up to 30 bands of equalization
    • Automatic tuning adjustment keyed to volume
    • Adaptive noise suppression
    • Wider stereo separation even with asymmetric speaker designs
    • Content adaptive compression
  • MaxxAudio Pro

    The Sound of Extraordinary

    The most advanced suite of Waves technologies. Built exclusively for Dell, MaxxAudio Pro includes cutting-edge MaxxAudio output technologies combined with the latest developments for MaxxVoice supporting voice capture and speech recognition.

    • Adaptive microphone proximity effect
    • Content adaptive compression
    • Adaptive tuning linked to system volume
    • Support for the Microsoft Multiple Voice Assistant platform
  • MaxxPlay

    The Sonic Peak of Gaming

    Game audio effects station featuring customizable sound shaping controls.

    • Waves Nx 3D audio on headphones and speakers
    • Adjustable focus on sounds in the periphery and chat
    • Access to boosted bass, augmented treble, and clearer dialog
    • Mic controls including dialing-out background noise
  • MaxxChrome

    Turn It Up

    Feel the bass. Hear the details. Fill the room with sound. Turn up the volume with Waves MaxxChrome audio tuning technology.

    • Psychoacoustic bass
    • Content adaptive compression
    • 3x more stereo separation
    • Patented center channel isolation and boost