Waves has developed the world’s deepest portfolio of algorithms.

Designed to faithfully reproduce, augment, enrich, clarify, spatialize, and optimize sound. From processing built to perform a specific task, to features that automatically activate when needed, to algorithms that create sonic illusions, to neural networks that can identify a human voice.


  • Artificial Intelligence

    Beyond the buzzwords and hype, Waves is focused on using AI to deliver refined, outperforming solutions. Waves is resourcing a multi-year R&D effort to utilize machine learning techniques to identify acoustic contexts and apply hyper-intelligent algorithmic responses to dramatically improve audio performance. Today, machine learning is already driving MaxxVoice algorithms to achieve next level VoIP and speech recognition experiences.

  • Adaptive & Dynamic

    Artificial isn’t the only kind of intelligence. Waves technologies include thresholds that activate processing only when needed and trigger parameter changes in real-time to automatically maintain precise tunings. MaxxAudio includes functionality that links data from device sensor hubs to adjust dozens of parameters across multiple algorithms simultaneously. This evolution from classic preset driven systems provides adaptive tunings and real-time acoustic optimization.

  • Perceptual & Psychoacoustic

    Humans have evolved to perceive sound in extreme detail. Our minds are continuously scanning for sources of sound and for characteristics of sound. Waves technologies tap into that hyper-awareness to stimulate the perception of impactful bass and create the mirage of immersive 3D audio. With a deep understanding of how we perceive sound, Waves algorithms can predict the likelihood of distortion and adjust on-the-fly, before it reaches the speakers.

  • Classical

    Born from recording studio technologies made for music and movie sound production, Waves GRAMMY Award® winning sound processors enrich and augment sound to the highest quality standards in the industry. Compressors, limiters, exciters, equalizers, noise reducers, reverbs and echo cancellers built for making hit records and blockbuster films have been adapted and integrated into consumer devices to transform the sound of speakers and microphones.

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