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Qualcomm & Waves

About the Partnership

Available on Snapdragon 600 and 800 series, Waves MaxxAudio® and Waves Nx® are audiophile quality solutions that deliver advanced state-of-the-art capabilities to consumer devices.

MaxxAudio® is a comprehensive suite of professional grade algorithms designed to address the limitations of small, consumer grade speakers and upgrades the audio performance of any device.

Waves Nx® is the world’s most realistic 3D-audio-over-headphones solution, offering total auditory immersion when playing back surround sound and ambisonics content over conventional headphones. Waves Nx uses head tracking and advanced acoustic simulation to produce a lifelike emulation of the way our brains interpret spatial sound in the real world, making it the most advanced 3D audio solution on the market.

Qualcomm and Waves Partners in Sound

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