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About Waves and the Waves Consumer Division

Waves, recipient of a Technical GRAMMY Award®, is a global leader and pioneer in audio technology for the music, entertainment, broadcasting, and consumer electronics industries. Top music producers, sound engineers, and live show engineers rely on Waves to create hit songs, blockbuster movies, top-selling games, and sold-out shows. The Waves Maxx® suite of audio and voice modules with Waves Nx® 3D audio enhances the sound experience on millions of laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart speakers, headphones, and is available on SoCs from the world’s foremost chip makers. Learn more about Waves technologies for consumer electronics at


Logo Use Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in using the Waves logo. The following images are for press purposes only. For any other third-party logo use request, please contact your Waves account manager directly.

  • Use

    The Waves logo must be used wherever Waves is referenced.

  • Grid

    ​The Waves logo should always appear in a readable size, with clear space around it and a contrasting background. The logo’s grid-ratio must not be altered.

  • Format

    ​The Waves logo must appear with both symbol and typeface. Do not use the typeface alone. All resizing must be of consistent ratio — no skews, diagonal placing etc. Do not resize only one of the elements.

  • Color

    ​The Waves logo may appear in primary or secondary single color only — black or white — on a contrasting background. The logo should not appear in other colors, multi-color, or strokes-only.

Press Contact Information

Contact Information

For press and media inquiries
Dalia Migdal, VP of Creative Marketing & Communications

For sales inquiries
Lior Maimon, Sales Operations Manager