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OnePlus® Partners with Waves to include MaxxAudio® in their Popular OnePlus One Phone

Waves Audio, a recipient of a Technical GRAMMY® Award and the top audio DSP developer for the professional recording, broadcast, live sound  and consumer electronics industries, and OnePlus, the acclaimed Android mobile phone startup with a rabid fan base of users, have announced a strategic partnership which puts Waves’ MaxxAudio® technologies into the OnePlus One’s AudioFX sound management interface. Offering the latest in DSP technology and features, MaxxAudio assures the greatest possible listening experience from today’s mobile phones. By combining these technologies with OnePlus’ groundbreaking design and Android utilization, the result is a transformative listening experience.

MaxxAudio is a suite of psychoacoustic sound enhancement technologies which enable reproduction of deeper bass, clearer highs, louder volume levels and immersive sound performance from speakers, headphones and connected Bluetooth devices. This allows a more detailed and clearly defined listening experience. The same technology used in the world’s leading professional recording studios is now right in OnePlus One users’ hands.

The product and engineering team at Cyanogen, OnePlus’ Android firmware partner, have integrated MaxxAudio’s sound enhancement technologies directly into AudioFX to deliver a truly amazing sound experience, custom-tuned for the OnePlus One’s speakers and headphones. Listeners will now benefit from ten different EQ genres which were custom designed for the One, ranging from classical music all the way to jazz, heavy metal and hip hop. They can also control their own audio profiles by tuning the amount of bass, treble and headphone spaciousness they prefer.

“With MaxxAudio, the One’s sonic performance is even better,” notes Carl Pei, co-founder and director of OnePlus Global, adding: “Pair them with OnePlus’ Silver Bullet or JBL E1+ headphones, both tested by the Waves team, and listeners will hardly believe the sound they are getting from their phone.”

“Waves is thrilled to be a part of the latest phone and updates from OnePlus, as we share their passion to provide the highest quality of performance in order to improve end-user experiences in the mobile arena,” states Tomer Elbaz, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Waves Consumer Division, adding: “With the top-of-the-line technology embedded in the One, MaxxAudio is in great company, providing premium sound and utilizing the impressive specs and capabilities that truly make the One a flagship killer.”

About OnePlus

OnePlus is a technology startup committed to bringing the best possible technology to users around the world. Created around the mantra “Never Settle,” OnePlus creates beautifully designed devices with premium build quality. For more information, visit oneplus.net.

About MAXX® Technologies by Waves

Maxx by Waves is revolutionizing sound performance on PCs, TVs, speakers, tablets and mobile devices the world over. By implementing professional-grade audio digital signal processing (DSP) technologies on a broad range of devices, Waves is putting professional, studio-quality processors directly into the hands of users and setting new sonic standards. The world’s leading developer of audio DSP technologies for the music, movies, games, broadcast, and electronics industries and a recipient of a Technical GRAMMY® Award, Waves is the one-stop-solution for top OEMs, including Dell, Asus, LG, Oppo, Denon and more, offering an extensive portfolio of innovative sound design technologies to address all the audio challenges of the consumer market.

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