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MusicSoft Arts DJ Mixer

DJ Mixer is an advanced music mixing app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, used by over 1 million active DJs worldwide.


  • Use DJ Mixer to play a continuous mix with smooth fades between songs or to mix tracks at a party.
  • The only iOS mixing app which includes free mixable downloads. 
  • Discover and preview tracks and music styles from today’s top DJs and producers.
  • Turn your iPad into a complete turntable and CDJ replacement.
  • Includes studio-quality Waves EQ and resonant filter.
  • Unlock additional Waves premium effects.
    (Source: blog.djmixer.fm)

Pump Up the Volume

Optimize the sound of your speakers or headphones with MaxxVolume, an all-in-one volume control featuring High Level Compression to increase RMS levels, Low Level Compression to increase the clarity of soft sounds, Noise Gating to eliminate signal and system noise, and Leveling to smooth out volume levels.


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