Small Can Sound Big

Your mobile device is an expression of you. It’s how you interact with the world and allow the world to interact with you. Whether you’re broadcasting your greatest talent, Skyping with a loved one, dominating the latest game, streaming music, or binge watching, you’re not at your best if your mobile device doesn’t deliver the best possible audio experience. The heart of Waves technologies is based on making ever smaller devices sound bigger and better.

Immersive Audio Anywhere

Waves audio technologies ensure mobile devices and all their connected peripherals sound impactful and clear. With Waves, from music to movies to apps, your mobile device will deliver a full and immersive audio experience on the go.

A Smarter Phone

Waves voice technologies intelligently ensure VoIP calls are crystal clear on both ends, even in noisy environments. We haven’t forgotten that most mobile devices are smartphones, we’re just making them smarter.

Entertaining Audio

As screens get bigger and speakers get smaller, the sound quality of most mobile devices becomes limited. Waves technologies ensure that entertainment on your mobile device is as much an audio experience as it is a visual experience.

Products featuring Waves Maxx