A Smart Home is
a Sound Home

Smart assistance and communication devices are now at the center of our homes. Waves knows that when IoT devices work intelligently and seamlessly, have superior sound and improved “hearing,” they can bring you and your family closer. If device interaction among you and your family is clear and intelligible, then you can put your personal devices down and focus on each other. And when it’s time to settle into your private corners, your personal devices with the same Waves technology will improve your creativity and productivity so you can get back to family. 

A Sound Home

Waves audio technologies are leading the way for smart assistance devices, laptops, smart TVs, and home entertainment systems, to ensure your favorite music, movies, streaming media, and games sound clear, powerful, and real.

Crystal Clear

Waves voice technologies ensure that your favorite smart assistance, smart TVs, and personal devices not only sound crystal clear but also “listen” with crystal clarity. Even when your family clamors in the kitchen, Waves intelligent technologies know when and how to listen just like you do.

A Smart Home

Waves brings the very best in voice and audio technologies together in way that makes your home smarter, allowing you and your family to take a break.

Products featuring Waves MAXX®