A winning edge

Waves Nx® is a game changer. With headphones, Waves Nx® delivers industry leading 3D audio that immerses gamers into a virtual reality, audio environment nearly indistinguishable from being in the game. Nx re-creates surround sources around you that feel immersive, spacious and exact constructing a sense of reality nearly identical to how we hear in real life without headphones. Not only does Nx deliver a fully immersive audio experience, it provides pinpoint location accuracy and perception for a winning edge over your competition.

External and Real

Gamers often put in long hours and need to focus on what counts. Nx reduces the fatiguing and annoying “in-the-head” effect of conventional headphones by enveloping you with sound that feels external and real.

AR & VR in Motion

For AR and VR, where motion is everything, Nx with motion tracking ensures your virtual or augmented reality audio environment is perfectly aligned with your visual environment, creating a sense of realism you have to hear to believe.

Waves MAXX® for Games

Waves audio and voice technologies also ensure games deliver an impactful audio experience and clear intelligibility for online communication between gamers.

Products featuring Waves MAXX®