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Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

In order for a virtual or augmented reality experience to be truly immersive, the audio has to be crafted perfectly. Reflections, positioning, and even the subtlest nuances have to feel real. Waves Nx® delivers a multi-dimensional, immersive sound experience without the fuss of countless hours of sound design and multi-channel mixing. Now available as a content authoring and sound reproduction tool, Nx is content agnostic, instantly enabling the creation of a virtual reality audio experience that immerses users into an ultra-realistic 3D audio environment. It not only matches, but enhances the virtual or augmented reality visual content you worked so hard to create.


Created by Waves and Developed by Boutique Gaming Studio One Hamsa, Racket:Nx is emulating a real rackets sport in true Nx 3D environment.

Boiler Room and Google Pixel present VR dancefloors: Techno in Berlin

The first virtual dance floor experience, is an immersive VR short film created by Boiler Room in collaboration with Google Pixel.

Smartphones and their apps have changed the way we interact with the world. We use smartphones for nearly everything from playing games and music to streaming videos and creating (recording and editing) our own content to share on social media.

Waves MAXX® technologies offer audio enhancement solutions on iOS and Android applications, using our studio-quality processors. We have tailored them for small devices and their peripherals for developers who endeavor to upgrade their sound quality and give their apps a creative and immersive sonic boost.