April 28, 2020

Waves Maxx Audio® Sound Enhancement Technology Is Now Available On Knowles Advanced Audio Processor

SAN FRANCISCO, April 28, 2020Waves, the preeminent provider of adaptive audio technologies in consumer electronics and recipient of a Technical GRAMMY Award®, and Knowles Corporation (NYSE: KN), a market leader and global supplier of advanced micro-acoustic, audio processing, and precision device solutions, have launched a new cooperative effort. Waves MaxxAudio® sound enhancement technology is now available on the newest Knowles AISonic™ Audio Edge Processor, the IA8201.
With this IA8201 reference design, Waves MaxxAudio® becomes the solution of choice for output processing and loudspeaker enhancement for the latest smartphones, tablets, smart speakers and headphones. MaxxAudio® provides significantly improved audio quality using technologies that are directly derived from the company’s recording studio technologies heard on countless hit records, major motion pictures and popular video games. The MaxxAudio® suite includes extended bass using psychoacoustics, dynamically boosted treble, sonic maximizing to reveal details, 20 bands of EQ to optimize output, and dynamic tuning that decreases device vibrations.Tomer Elbaz, Executive Vice President of Waves, stated, “Adding our MaxxAudio® studio-quality sound enhancement suite to the Knowles multi-core DSP platform further underscores both of our company’s commitment to providing the highest-quality audio solutions available.The Knowles solution will provide the same renowned Waves signal processing and audio technologies used by leading music producers and sound engineers.”
Mike Polacek, President of Knowles Intelligent Audio, states, “A partnership with Waves pairs Knowles commitment to audio-focused DSPs with exceptional Waves signal processing and audio technology from the pro-audio industry. This grows our ecosystem of partners who understand the technical advantages of our AISonic Audio Edge Processors for performance and power savings. MaxxAudio on IA8201 delivers unprecedented audio quality to consumer devices and paves the way to collaborating more closely with industry-leader Waves.”
Utilizing AISonic Hemi-Delta (HMD) core, Waves MaxxAudio® code takes full advantage of the high compute efficiency, specific Knowles instruction set for audio, and low power capabilities of the Knowles
AISonic™ Audio Edge Processor. The IA8201 combines two Tensilica-based, audio-centric DSP cores: One for high-power compute and machine learning, the other for very low power, always-on processing of sensor inputs. Either can also function as an open DSP controller using Tensilica-based instruction sets. A rich set of audio and general-purpose highspeed interfaces enable flexible interfacing with digital microphones and motion sensors. With the Waves-Knowles reference solutions, both companies significantly streamline the design efforts to integrate complex audio output into consumer products, enabling design engineers to reduce overall effort and launch new products effectively.

About Waves
Waves, recipient of a Technical GRAMMY Award®, is a global leader and pioneer in audio technology for the music, entertainment, broadcasting, and consumer electronics industries. Top music producers, sound engineers, and live show engineers rely on Waves to create hit songs, blockbuster movies, top-selling games, and sold-out shows. The Waves Maxx® suite of audio and voice modules with Waves Nx® 3D audio enhances the sound experience on millions of laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart speakers, headphones, and is available on SoCs from the world’s foremost chip makers. Learn more about Waves technologies for consumer electronics at maxx.com.

About Knowles Corporation
Knowles Corporation (NYSE: KN) is a market leader and global provider of advanced micro-acoustic, audio
processing, and precision device solutions, serving the mobile consumer electronics, communications,
medtech, defense, automotive, and industrial markets. Knowles uses its leading position in MEMS (microelectro-mechanical systems) microphones and strong capabilities in audio processing technologies to optimize audio systems and improve the user experience in mobile, ear, and IoT applications. Knowles is also the leader in acoustic components, high-end capacitors, and mmWave RF solutions for a diverse set of markets. Knowles’ focus on the customer, combined with unique technology, proprietary manufacturing techniques, rigorous testing, and global scale, enables it to deliver innovative solutions that optimize the user experience. Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Itasca, Illinois, Knowles is a global organization with employees in 12 countries. The company was spun out from Dover Corporation in 2014 and has been focused on reshaping its business portfolio and investing in high value solutions to diversify its revenue and increase exposure to high-growth markets. For more information, visit knowles.com.

Waves PR Contact: Alan Ryan or Jenna Beaucage
Phone: +1.508.475.0025 X 116 or 124
Email: alanryan@rainierco.com; jbeaucage@rainierco.com

Knowles PR Contact: Mike Adell
Phone: +1.630.400.4203
Email: mike.adell@knowles.com

Knowles Sales Contact (Greater China): James Chen
Email: james.chen@knowles.com

April 28, 2020
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Circle Animation waves consumer electronics Waves Consumer Electronics MaxxAudio MaxxVoice Nx 3D Audio Spatial