April 22, 2020

Waves MaxxAudio® Mobile Powers High Fidelity Sound on New Premium Phones From Motorola Mobility

The Waves MaxxAudio® Mobile audio technology suite elevates the performance of the Motorola best-in-class stereo speaker system on the motorola edge+ phone.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 22, 2020Waves, the preeminent provider of adaptive audio technologies in consumer electronics and recipient of a Technical GRAMMY Award®, has teamed up with Motorola Mobility to bring mobile sound to the next level in the new motorola edge premium smartphones. Recognizing that more people are looking for a portable home theater experience from their phones, Motorola paired a stunning bezel-less display with the largest stereo speakers available in a smartphone powered by Waves.

“The convergence of sleek designs with the growing need for exceptional sound on smartphones is the perfect storm for Waves technologies,” stated Tomer Elbaz, EVP & GM, of the Waves Consumer division. “With Waves, the motorola edge+ delivers a truly advanced sonic experience, and this is just the beginning of a collaboration between Motorola Mobility and Waves that will lead to new innovations in sound technology for premium phones.”

The motorola edge+ high-powered stereo speaker system is optimized and enhanced with a series of Waves MaxxAudio® Mobile technologies. The Waves MaxxBass® virtual subwoofer extends bass response by up to 1.5 octaves and treble is boosted with augmented high frequencies. In landscape mode, the edge+ casts a broad soundstage with Waves sonic imaging that’s clear and full, even at lower volumes. Waves MaxxAudio® Mobile drives clear and intelligible dialog in videos while algorithmically smoothing peaks and valleys between loud and soft so you can enjoy the sized-up speakers, hands-free. Beyond the technology, the edge+ is precision tuned by Waves award-winning master engineers to achieve sound quality that fills your personal listening space with immersive high-fidelity. Both the edge and edge+ come pre-tuned with settings for music, videos, games, and voice that intelligently auto-load. 2

Jeff Snow, Product GM of Motorola added, “Elevating the motorola edge+ sound experience with Waves MaxxAudio® Mobile technology truly aligns with our passion to deliver products that delight and connect with our customers.”

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About Waves
Waves is a global leader and pioneer in audio technology for the music, entertainment, broadcasting, and consumer electronics industries. Recipient of a Technical GRAMMY Award®, top music producers and sound engineers rely on Waves to create hit songs, blockbuster movies, and top-selling games. The Waves Maxx® suite of audio and voice modules with Waves Nx® 3D audio enhances the sound experience on millions of laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart speakers, headphones, and is available on SoCs from the world’s foremost chip makers.

Waves PR Contact:
Jenna Beaucage/Alan Ryan, Rainier Communications
Email: waves@rainierco.com
Phone: 508-475-0025 x124/116

April 22, 2020
Circle Animation waves consumer electronics Waves Consumer Electronics MaxxAudio MaxxVoice Nx 3D Audio Spatial
Circle Animation waves consumer electronics Waves Consumer Electronics MaxxAudio MaxxVoice Nx 3D Audio Spatial