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Smart TV

Today’s High Definition LCD & LED TVs deliver a picture that is larger, sharper, and more realistic than ever before. But as television screens have been getting bigger, wider and flatter, TV speakers have become smaller and slimmer to accommodate these design innovations.

In the past, TVs were primarily used to watch broadcast and cable programming. Today, people stream internet content, listen to music, video chat online, and play video games via television. We now need our TVs to deliver a total sound experience.

So while today’s new TVs might look like home theaters—they don’t sound like home theaters.

That’s where Waves MaxxAudio comes to complete the visual experience; embedded inside your TV, MaxxAudio technologies dramatically improve the sound quality of televisions, so viewers can hear every detail, from the lowest lows to the highest highs, on every type of content.

MaxxAudio delivers sound so powerful and clear, your ears will finally be as happy as your eyes, which brings another level of entertainment and immersion.