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Smart Speakers & IoT

The portable and home audio market is evolving quickly. The rapid progress of voice recognition systems has led to the invention of a whole new category of devices: smart speakers with personal home assistants that can naturally converse with the user and intuitively provide multimedia capabilities, using no more than a microphone and speakers. Waves technologies address all the needs of smart speakers, home audio, portable, and other IoT devices. Waves leads the way with award-winning technologies that professionals and consumers alike hold in the highest regard. Even developers of high-fidelity audio systems for the audiophile market turn to Waves to give their products an extra boost because even premium hardware can be limited by its own physical capabilities.

MaxxAudio® Available as licensable IP and embedded on silicon IC, Waves DSP technology improves the clarity of any speaker system not matter the size, delivering superior sonic performance for both capture and playback that far surpasses any other audio solution. MaxxAudio intelligent technologies compensate for dynamic range, frequency response, and imaging limitations, while still providing speaker protection for all smart speakers, home audio, and other IoT devices.

MaxxVoice™ enables users to use VOIP applications and communicate smoothly with other users on their smart speakers, home audio, and other IoT devices.

MaxxSpeech improves ASR results allowing users to communicate perfectly with their speech recognition applications, especially important in command recognition for smart speakers, home audio systems, and other IoT devices even during loud playback.



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