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In-Vehicle Infotainment

Whether on our way to work, on vacation, dropping the kids off at school or taking a drive out in the countryside, today’s in-vehicle information and entertainment options go way beyond the simple AM/FM radios and CD players. With the full-blown built-in audio/visual systems available, drivers and passengers alike can connect their smartphones, USB, and music players into designated ports, to stream audio content and watch movies on integrated LCD screens. Beyond infotainment, drivers use hands-free telecommunications devices to make calls on the go, while intelligent navigational systems, rear-view cameras and warning mechanisms controlled by automatic speech recognition guide their way.

The common element shared by all these in-vehicle technologies is SOUND.

When it comes to the design and usability of these systems, audio input processing is no less crucial than audio playback devices. Waves provides cutting-edge DSP technologies that take into account the acoustical properties of vehicles, external ambient noise from engine hum, and wind and traffic noise, to enhance and improve the performance of in-car infotainment systems and the driving experience.

MaxxAudio® – Studio-quality sound for the perfect listening experience on the go.
MaxxVoice™ – Noise reduction for crystal-clear communications.
MaxxSpeech – Hands-free Automatic Speech Recognition enhancement.